Execute More Profitable Trades Easily Scoping Out Profits With The SharpScope.

What is the SharpScope?

The SharpScope is a charting tool that helps you make smarter trading decisions in any market. It's designed for both day traders to investors who want to maximize their profits.

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  • Community Support

    SharpScope subscription comes with a supportive community of like minded members using varying chats to share charts, assistance to use the SharpScope indicator, general FAQ and shared real-time market alerts.

  • Direction Indicator

    Sharpscope is unique because it tells you the direction of the selected asset in real-time along with sugests exits. Other indicators signal too late, leave waiting too long or not signal an exit at all.

  • Easy To Use

    Just add the SharpScope to your TradingView chart. Wait for a cross and that's a confirmation.

    It will provide market direction along with positional signals in different timeframes.

  • Versatile To Trading Styles

    SharpScope accommodates various trading styles. Confirms direction for swing traders that trade week to week. It will signal quarterly investing traders, position trading, intraday traders and confirms Scalping signals.

  • Combines Multiple Indicators

    SharpScope combines various existing indicators along with popular strategies that have been integrated and proven to successfully match and proprietary formulas into a single charting tool.

  • Eliminate Clutter

    Trading is difficult enough, having a busy messy chart can lead to disasters. Keep simple, clean charts with the all in one indicator the SharpScope.

    It's all you need to give you a clear target for your trades.

Affordable Subscription

Only $39.99 a month. Many of our users quickly earn back using SharpScope.

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