The Sharpscope is the only indicator you can find that can indicate the direction of the price, while others have you wasting time waiting for the potential target.

Now finally with the Sharpscope, you have an indicator that was designed for use in small time frames so you can make the most profits with your time.

Easy to use... simply add the indicator to your TradingView after signing up. SharpScope shows the direction of the market, in different timeframes, along with long/short signals. In our subscribed community, we detail varying ways of using the SharpScope... accommodating various styles of trading.

Whether you like to build positions into a reversal, pattern breakouts, or scalp within momentum... the SharpScope accurately indicates when the market will go against your trades. This indicator merges various existing indicators and proprietary formulas for an easy to read, profitable chart... instead of having to switch between many indicators, resulting in excess clutter and a vague target on your charts.

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Example of SharpScope on Bitcoin

The SharpScope catches every move before it happens! Simply.... Sell a cross down or Buy a cross up.

For new traders, in our community chat. You can ask in real time about a potential crosses and help for entry & exit on the Discord chat.

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